What To Expect

We work together at a pace that suits you, on the issues that you bring to each session. We are like a team of archaeologists, gently sifting through history, unearthing that which has helped shape us into who we are today.  What we discover or uncover is often a wonderful discovery that allows us to shape our awareness around how we relate and connect with our world.

The therapeutic relationship differs from all other relationships.  The connection that develops between the therapist and client can become the most supportive and safest you have ever experienced and it is in this climate that true growth can occur.

Of paramount importance in the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is absolute privacy and confidentiality.  This will be explained in greater detail when we first meet with.  But, as a profession, it is this principle that guides us and defines us above all else.

One of the best ways to find out if this work feels right for you is to arrange an initial consultation, so you can find out whether this is a way of working that feels helpful and right for you.

You can contact me here arrange our initial consultation.