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Gambling addiction: Enter the ‘zone’ where winning is a distraction

A well-written article on problem gambling behaviours.  Some of the information may surprise you! By Diane Dean for All in the Mind In a place addicts call “the zone,” winning a poker machine jackpot is a distraction from the game (Getty Images: Instants) Our brains are naturally configured to get pleasure out of some of the

Stressed or Depressed – know the difference. An article by Melissa Jones

Stressed or Depressed? Know the Difference BY MELISSAJONES |© Copyright 2017 PickTheBrain | Motivation and Self Improvement Stressed or Depressed? Know the Difference Often in our daily lives, we use the terms stress and depression interchangeably as if they mean the same thing. Although they have similar symptoms, can be dealt with in almost the same manner

The Biology of Anxiety by Scott McMillin

An article from 2012 but as relevant as when it was written.  Anxiety is hugely prevalent and unfortunately is still stigmatised and often considered some kine of personal failing where the sufferer is seen as ‘unable to cope’.  Dreadfully negative language.  In fact, some level of stress is necessary to survive!  But for those in

10 Ways to Overcome Internet Addiction (Sean Jackson)

by Sean Jackson Last Updated: April 14th, 2017 The Internet is an excellent resource to learn, connect with old friends, and even launch your business. However, there’s a fine line between using it for personal growth and using it excessively. Excessive Internet use can be detrimental to you and those you love. Here’s a closer

Addiction is the product of three broad factors: Scott McMillan explains in a very good article

September 17, 2015 by C. Scott McMillin We develop habits and routines that seem to have a life of their own– and you’re never more aware of that than when you go to change them. Someone in a discussion group was challenging people to ‘refute’ the research of this one scientist into the origins of