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10 Ways to Overcome Internet Addiction (Sean Jackson)

by Sean Jackson Last Updated: April 14th, 2017 The Internet is an excellent resource to learn, connect with old friends, and even launch your business. However, there’s a fine line between using it for personal growth and using it excessively. Excessive Internet use can be detrimental to you and those you love. Here’s a closer

Addiction is the product of three broad factors: Scott McMillan explains in a very good article

September 17, 2015 by C. Scott McMillin We develop habits and routines that seem to have a life of their own– and you’re never more aware of that than when you go to change them. Someone in a discussion group was challenging people to ‘refute’ the research of this one scientist into the origins of

Changing habits and triggers (not just in addiction or trauma recovery)

Resetting Your Triggers December 19, 2012 by C. Scott McMillin The trick is to find another reward to replace the one that’s no longer available. For instance, if we’re no longer going to have a cigarette with coffee after dinner, what other reward could we substitute in its place? We all have bad habits. Particularly

Stigma or denial – what is stopping drug users from getting help?

Posted on November 15, 2016 by Addiction Editor New research from the University of Western Australia identifies stigma and embarrassment as some of the biggest barriers to meth users getting the treatment they need. But a recovered addict disagrees, saying many users live in a state of denial about needing treatment at all, and usually

A thought provoking argument from a clever man

Like Bad Drug Laws, the Disease Theory of Addiction Ruins Lives: We Must Target Both Stanton Peele Behavioral Addictions, Drug Addictions, Opinion / 4 Comments November 4th, 2016 The disease theory of addiction underpins punitive and abhorrent drug policies—but in fact, its negative impact is even worse than this. Recently, two notables on an addiction