Depression Impacts Twice as Many Females as Males

By Traci Pedersen A new meta-analysis confirms that depression affects twice as many females as males, and this gap appears as early as age 12. The results, published in the journal Psychological Bulletin, are based on existing studies involving more than 3.5 million people in more than 90 countries. “We found that twice as many women as men were

10 Rare Insights Every Anxious Person Should Know

By Dr Jeremy Dean Why anxious people are agreeable, the supplement that reduces anxiety, dangers of anxiety drugs, the benefits of optimistic thinking and more…  Ten new psychology studies reveal why some people are anxious, how to reduce anxiety and much more.   1. Why anxious people are too agreeable Disagreeing with others activates areas

Four Types of Depression Revealed By 1,100 Brain Scans  

Brain scans of four different types of depression could aid in the diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Four types of depression have been newly identified by researchers using brain scans. The brain scans revealed distinctly different types of brain activity in each sub-type. The finding may eventually lead to treatments targeted to the particular

What Cookies and Meth Have in Common – heavy reading but worth the effort!

What Cookies and Meth Have in Common JOSH COCHRAN JUNE 30, 2017 Richard A. Friedman As a psychiatrist, I have yet to meet a patient who enjoys being addicted to drugs or compulsively overeating. Why would anyone continue to use recreational drugs despite the medical consequences and social condemnation? What makes someone eat more and

Remember this for your next RUOK Day – or any day!!

Five tips for responding to someone who isn’t ‘OK’  Suzanne Leckie   It takes courage to ask simply and directly, ‘are you OK?’, if concerned about someone’s mental health. What if they’re actually fine? Will they be offended? And what do you do if they aren’t OK? These are common concerns people have when it